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Technical Systems Uk

  • TS-101 Fully Automatic Garment Bagging Machine

    The main features are:

    • Quick change bag width to suit garment.
    • Compact enough to fit under standard mezzanine floors, while still giving a 1.7 meter maximum bag length.
    • Can be used in semi-automatic mode.
    • Production averaging 820 per hour, going up to 1000 on shorter garments.
    • All controlled by a user friendly touch pad.
    • End seal only feature.
    • Feed through skip facility.
  • BS1 - Set Pack 1

    Creating a safe and clean environment for transporting set packs of garments has never been easier.

    The main features are:

    • Use your own railing systems.
    • Save time and energy loading and unloading bulky items.
    • There are no unsightly knots to come undone or to get caught up in the railing system.
    • Big savings on poly.
    • Each bag made to the precise length of pack.

    Production rate:

    Approx 360 packs per hour.

  • TS-10 Semi-Automatic Garment Bagging Machine

    Cost effective garment bagging

    The main features are:

    • Can handle rolls of up to 30kg
    • Easy loading of poly
    • End of roll sensing
    • Automatic and Fixed bag length
    • setting 8 Preset programs for different styles of hangers
    • Integrated End sealing
    • Production 650 plus per hour
    • End seal only mode
  • Swiftpack Manual Bagging Machine

    Sequence of Operation

    • The garment is placed on the hanging hook
    • Operator the pulls the bag over the garment
    • By pulling down the long bar across the front of the machine this will activate the cutting and sealing process.
    • The end seal can then be executed by pressing the front of the seal bar by hand against the bag. (foot pedal operation optional)


    • The last two actions mentioned above can be executed simultaneously
    • The bottom seal is fully adjustable
    • Straight or angle seal selectable

    Technical Data:

    • Seal width: 700mm
    • Voltage required: 230v AC
    • Max length: 1.7m
    • Dimensions: 855mm(w) x 680mm(d) x 1920mm(h)
    • Net weight: 73kg

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    Swift-Pack Universal

    The ultimate packing station. This machines is all you need to protect a garment from contamination all on one unit.

    Features: For hanging garments

    • Adjustable height for operators comfort
    • Easy film loading, no centre bar needed.
    • Capable of bagging multiple garments.
    • Angled or straight seal selectable by flicking switch
    • With the table folded in vertical position, sealer can be used as end seal unit

    Features: For folding garments

    • The film is threaded around roller at the back of the sealer.
    • Variable width tube film can be used to suit item to be packed.

    To use, simply pull required amount of film over the table through opened sealer, insert the folded garment, bring seal arm down to seal and cut film, Turn pack around and seal open side, the bag can still be trimmed if required by reinserting pack into end sealer and seal and cut closer to the folded item.

    With table adjusted vertically, sealer can be use as adjustable height end sealer when hanging garments are being processed.

    This machine is suitable for use by:

    • Mail order companies
    • Dry cleaners
    • Small factories
    • Design workshops
    • Tailors
    • Hire companies
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    SA 800 Manual End Sealing Machine

    Manual sealing of bottom of poly-bag for complete protection of the garment.

    The main features are:

    • Prevents soil from entering the bagged garment
    • Eliminates spoilage and lost articles
    • Minimises pilferage
    • Round element wire available for cut and seal operation
    • Can end seal over bags on multi packs
    • Adjustable seal time, for the perfect seal
  • SCD-1, High speed garment counting machine

    The main features are:

    • Easy readable LCD display with touch-screen.
    • High reliability, 2 Digital counter inputs.
    • 2 Alarm outputs + integrated buzzer alarm.
    • Different timer modes: count up, down or to set target.
    • Secure and reliable with compare function of 2 counterinputs.
    • Integrated thermal ticket printer - Printing multiple tickets, Print barcode.
    • Time and date stamp function.
    • Record Job name and number, batch number, customer, colour.
    • Password protected.
    • Fully integrated, No computer required.
  • TS - 85 Bottom seal Machine

    The main features are:

    • Automatic length sensing.
    • Photocell detect garment end (no grounding rods).
    • Impulse heater (no heating pins).
    • Clean and very strong seal.
    • Designed for installation with existing rail system.
    • Uniform quality.
    • Programmable seal distance from garment end.
    • Programmable seal timer.
    • MMS Electronics reliable control system.
    • Modification to customer needs.


We are moving to our new location: 97 Lockfield Avenue Brimsdown, London, EN3 7PY.
Our fax number changes to 0203 689 2358. ALL other telephone numbers remain the same.