Automatic Apparel Processing Equipment

At Technical Systems (UK) Ltd we are driving productivity and profitability for garment manufacturing and processing firms with our intelligently designed, easy-to-use automated technology.

We are able to engineer and manufacture automated equipment for any industry – not just clothing.

Founded in 1990 and still delivering the highest levels of technical expertise in all aspects of our work

We specialise in fully automatic/manual bagging machines and automated sewing machines for industry, dry cleaners, laundries, hotels, and professional packing companies. We are currently the only UK manufacturer for this type of machinery.

Bagging & Packing

Bagging and sealing garments is an easy, fast, clean and convenient process using our range of machinery. Programmable and adjustable to your needs.


Full sales and service-backup offering covering our entire range of automated sewing machines, sleeve inserters, pocket-attaching equipment and more.


Our engineering capacity extends well beyond the garment industry. All designs and concepts considered for feasibility.


We provide servicing and maintenance throughout the lifetime of the product. Our technicians deal with hydraulic pneumatic, electronic and computer-controlled systems.


Do you hire your machinery out?
Yes we do, short term and long term. Contact us for more information on this.
Can you design a bespoke machine for my industry?
Yes we can. If, from the range of machines we presently manufacture you don’t see exactly what you want, send us a sketch and information on what you want to achieve. We will have a serious look and advise you of its feasibility.
Do you sell your machinery outside the UK?
Yes we can sell our products outside of the UK. USA, Europe, Canada and many more countries.
Do you provide maintenance and tech support with your machinery?
Yes, we offer technical and maintenance support throughout the full life of your product at a call-out charge.

A History of the Company

Technical Systems (UK) Ltd have progressed from being a predominantly servicing company dealing with automated sewing to become a highly respected manufacturing company. We now have a full range of bagging machines suitable for garment manufacturers, the laundry industry and the garment-processing business. We are now the only UK manufacturers with this range of machines.

In early 1991 the Reece Company was purchased by AMF’s clothing machine section, which formulated the name AMF Reece then closed the Reece head office in London, moving all branches’ operations to Leeds. Recognising the opportunity, the pair got together to form Technical Systems. Technical Systems not only provided a good, localised service for London customers; they also provided employment for a number of highly skilled engineers.

In 1993 the company was incorporated and became Technical Systems UK Ltd.

Our core services include:

  • Automated machinery hire
  • A second-to-none backup service
  • Large range of spare parts available
  • Automated equipment sales to the apparel industry and beyond
  • Bespoke product design and development

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