Pressing & Warehouse Equipment

Through our Industrial Partners we can now offer sales and service for a range of a different products new and reconditioned.

  • Steam Tunnels
  • Garment Racking
  • Conveyor feeds
  • Automatic Needle Detector

Vetter Clip Conveyor Feed

The clip conveyor, also known as the separation conveyor, is a side-flexing conveyor using an endless chain as a traction mechanism. The clip conveyor is mainly used for transporting clothing.

Tunnel Finishing Machine

A Tunnel finisher is a machine that removes wrinkles from garments, using steam, air and heat. This machine is employed to improve the quality and look of a textile product.


We can now supply Railing systems for transporting garments around the factory and Racking Systems for Storage.

Vetter Screw Conveyor Feed

The screw conveyor is used to transport cloths from A to B to help to speed up your work flow. In order to speed up your work flow, clothing has to be accumulated and clothing has to be cooled due to ironing.

Automatic Needle Detector

Up to date model, with advanced CPU main control system, which can automatically control the strength of the induction.

The core system and digital signal processor is based on a high speed 32bit RISC CPU. This machine uses touch screen technology and has a multi language operating system and easy to use functions.
Each channels’ sensitivity can be adjusted individually.
Smart report system, will produce a range of different printed reports.
All the features lead to an accurate metal and needle chip detection system.
The control system is based on a RS-485 bus technology.
Suitable for detecting metal chips in garments, fabrics, pharmaceutical products, and food and rubber products.

  • Detection sensitivity: 600mm (w) x 100mm – 200mm (h)
  • Operation method: Magnetic induction Touch type
  • Detecting height: 100mm -200mm (standard type: 1200mm)
  • Alarm: Luminotron position display. Hummer alarm. The stop or return of conveyor belt
  • Data Output: Choose Chinese and English printed detection report
  • Power Requirements: AC220V
  • Power Consumption: 100W
  • Size: 1850mm (l) x 1050mm (w) x 90 – 100mm (h)

Our core services include:

  • Automated machinery hire
  • A second-to-none backup service
  • Large range of spare parts available
  • Automated equipment sales to the apparel industry and beyond
  • Bespoke product design and development

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